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‘Call Connect’ Rates 4th in The Curb’s top 30 Films of the Year

After catching Call Connect at the Perth Revelation Film Festival, Andrew Peirce has rated it 4th in his top 30 Films of the year! Here is what he had to say below:

“While we often talk about those with mental health needing to rely on phone services for support, we rarely consider the people who are there to provide the support. Directors Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell, part of Adelaide’s Stakeout Films, have created a short film that addresses that exact subject. Caithlin Ologhlen joins Audio Guide’s Emma Wright as an actress in a short film who also delivers some of the finest work of the year. Shot in one take, with a gradually imposing camera amplifying the tension and anxiety that Caithlin’s operator has as she answers her first phone call unprepared. Brendan Rock’s caller, who we only hear, is brilliant, presenting the weariness of someone who has used a mental health call center for help with great frequency. Stakeout Films are a production company that everyone interested in short films and Australian cinema need to keep an eye on, because if Call Connect. is evidence enough, then they are going to be creating some of the finest cinema we will see. This is a powerful short film, one that left me broken, feeling the weight of the struggles that many with mental health live with, and the difficulties that those on the other end of the line face when trying to help them. For the longest time, this was my favourite Australian film of the year, and if I could, I’d give this and the next three films equal top billing.”

Thanks Andrew! You can read his full list here or at

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