Small Town P.D.

When a teenage boy goes to run a simple errand for his girlfriend, he unwittingly triggers a chain reaction amongst the unnecessarily large team of bored police officers in a small Australian town.

Comedy/ 7 mins / 2018

Funded by the Media Resource Centre.

Starring: John Chataway, Tom Matthews, Jacqui Maynard, James Mccluskey-Garcia, Ian Brown, Brendan Cooney, Tim Carlier.

Status: Available Online


'2nd Place Audience Favourite'

-Over the Fence Comedy Festival 2019

'Young Filmmaker of the Year' Nominee

-Byron Bay Film Festival 2018

'Best Director'

-Southern Comedy Showcase, MI 2018

'Best Comedy/Drama'

-Film Leben Festival 2018

'Best Film,' 'Best Comedy,' 'Best Screenplay,' 'Best Male Lead,' 'Best Editing' Nominations

-South Australian Screen Awards 2018

'Best Sound Design'

-South Australian Screen Awards 2018

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